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China Marketing

Lost in translation - be clear on language when marketing in China

One of the joys of travelling, for me at least, is amusing signage. Who doesn't have a good chuckle when they see tweet or Facebook post of a restaurant poster imploring you to "Get your ice cold Cock here"? Think I'll have a Pepsi this time...

But imagine this was your business, and your brand. Then it's not so amusing, and could be damaging your efforts to make an impact with your marketing in China.


The top 6 mistakes marketers make in China - download the guide

Mandarin is very different to European languages, and translating it is a specialist job. Running your key messages through Google translate and getting your friend at the local Chinese restaurant to check they make sense might save some cash, but it could cost you dearly in the long run. So, what do you do? There's two options:

  • Use a translation company
  • Engage China marketing specialists to workshop your message and give it Chinese characteristics

Many translation companies can be found online, but do you know them and their methods? It's best to get a recommendation. Then, keep in mind they are translators, not marketers. They may accurately write your message in Mandarin, but how do you know if it's an effective marketing message?

China marketing specialists will take your brand, your messages and your collaterals and give them a makeover. They will test them with Chinese customers, and give you a clear, defined voice in the world's most populous country.

6 B2B Mistakes in China

Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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