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China Marketing

Hiring an inbound agency for B2B marketing in China

The internet is changing the way decision makers do business.

Today, a host of information about your products, and your competitors’ products, is just a click away.

  • How do you make sure your company is top of mind for your customers and potential customers?
  • How do you stand out in the marketplace?
  • How do you set yourself apart and succeed in the information age?
  • How do you do inbound?


What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about attracting customers to your business by publishing content they will be interested in. Rather than the old-fashioned ways of buying advertising space in traditional media, buying email lists and basically hoping your customers get exposed to you, inbound gets your customers to come to you.

By using the internet to search for what they want, you tailor your content to attract them, convert them into leads, then convert them into customers. You can even delight them into promoting your business in their networks, by offering great service and engaging, interesting and sharable content.

In China, hundreds of millions of people are already on the web and use it for everything from talking to their friends to ordering food and making travel arrangements. Inbound marketing is still in its infancy here, but when a new idea catches on in a country with such a large population, big number return on investment becomes very possible.

Four key services

An inbound agency should offer four key services:

  • Generating web traffic using Search Engine Optimization, blogging and social media sharing
  • Develop premium content to attract visitors and develop them into leads
  • Build campaigns that turn leads into customers and even promoters of your business
  • Measuring and analyzing the strength of the campaign and making the changes necessary to get results

7 Tips for B2B Marketing China



Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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