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There's something missing from your WeChat strategy...

You can spend hours creating a content masterpiece, weaving together words and statistics in a manner that would make your high school English teacher swoon, but chances are, most people are just going to swipe right through it, as you're probably doing right now with this blog post… It’s OK, I won’t take it personally.


Here are the basics of what you need to know:


  • WeChat is overflowing with content
  • Read rates and follower rates are going down
  • You are sitting on a goldmine of information and doing nothing
  • Engagement > content
  • Your cat has been drinking your coffee


Ok, that last one was just to see if you were reading carefully, but aside from that, pay attention, because the rest are true.


WeChat is overflowing with content


It’s hard to keep up with the number of brands jumping on the WeChat band wagon these days. As WeChat quickly became China’s most popular app, businesses are using it as a channel to promote, sell, and connect with Chinese consumers. However, as brands clamor to the platform, user acquisition slows. WeChat hit 1 billion MAU last March… not a whole lot more of the population to penetrate. So what does this mean for the average user? An increasing amount of push messages from brands just trying to get you to follow them, and ultimately buy.


What does this affect? 👇🏽


Read and follower rates are going down


Marketers, harping on about “content is King” have operated under the guiding principal “build and they shall come,” resulting in a constant flood of (let’s be honest) mostly useless content.  This, coupled with the fact that the number of users is not growing, but the amount of content is, read rates are just not what they used to be. And if people are not reading your WeChat content, they are not opting to follow your account.


There are many tricks of the trade that can help you increase views and shares of your WeChat content, but think about the end goal… what do views and shares really get you? Brand awareness and validation you made some cool WeChat content?


Creating amazing content consistently takes time and an amazing team - realistically things you may not be able to count on. Even when you do create great content, how do you know it is appealing for every one of your followers?


This brings me to my next point…


You are sitting on a goldmine of data [that you’re probably doing nothing with]


Each time someone follows your account, what do you learn? Do you know why they followed your account? What they’re interested in? Basic demographic information? Do you even know their real name?


Nope. All you get is a WeChat ID which could be Q223ixoys and a photo of Micky Mouse that they’ve chosen to be their avatar… try determining if this person is interested in buying break fluid, or tires…


You’ll need to know some specific information about each individual in order to create personal content that ultimately engages and converts.


Engagement > Content 


The way we measure the effectiveness of a WeChat account is changing. The number of followers or average reads are no the most valued metrics, it is how engaged those followers are. Brands want active followers that bring value.


A follower to your WeChat account is just another drop in the bucket, except when you go to pour out that bucket there will be nothing in it, because you retained no information from your followers. Brands are beginning to realize that pushing out content is not enough to provoke action, much less get users to share personal information. And with no personal information, your followers are just a bunch of air.


Enter…. chatbot


While you may be thinking, people will see right through this and be put-off by the idea of communicating with pre-programmed piece of technology, you have most likely interacted with a chatbot and had no idea.


What if you could answer some simple, painless questions, and get better, more personalized content?  I know what my answer is.


As marketers, in the era of “big data,” the idea of having thousands of followers you know nothing about is a bit ridiculous.


The shocking reality is that many brands are doing just this. They are not yet using this basic technology to gain better insights, provide a better user experience or increase sales. Many marketers are not thinking long-term enough and are engrained in the idea that their job is to produce great content. Moving forward, marketing and sales teams will have to become much more integrated. It is both marketing and sales job to segment leads, and then continuously engage those leads with the right content, at the right time.

 wechat chatbot brandigo


With the information gleaned from the chatbot, we can now send relevant messages to different groups of users - real, personalized segmentation - in WeChat.


Imagine being able to send your end customers one type of message, and your distributors a different one? This is powerful.


Think about the evolution of WeChat, from scanning and adding friends, up to present day, using mini-apps within WeChat, this platform has evolved quickly, and user behavior changes with it. Brands have to be willing to adjust metrics and adopt new technology in order to thrive.


This is why, at Brandigo, we’re equipping our clients with chatbots for WeChat Official Accounts. Drop us a line at hellochina@brandigo.com to get started.


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Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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