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China Marketing

What we learned at FHC – the big China food & hospitality trade show


FHC is one of the big exhibitions in China – featuring hall upon hall of food, wine, beer, snacks, drinks, and every other type of food & beverage product available for import and distribution. Take the photo above for example, Eat Real, giving us a taste of their Quinoa and Hummus Chips – healthier snacking taking off in China. What works, and what doesn't work at these big exhibitions in China, here is what we found this year:

1. Making your booth interactive is crucial - put on a show, even with minimal budget and props. Find something unique to attract attention. Pizza-making chefs and jamon-slicing lessons attracted massive crowds. So did the UK pub they set up at the entrance, promoting UK craft beers.

2. Offline to online conversion. People aren’t just going to scan your QR code anymore, and if they are, give them a reason to keep following it, if you get people to scan your QR code for a free bag of chips or a drink, make sure they know right away why they should keep following it instead of immediately deleting it (i.e. you’ll post special deals by the end of the week).

3. On the topic of QR codes – it does not need to be massive, but it should be easily accessible – again, make it interactive and fun, do something like an animated slideshow (H5) especially for this event.


4. Make sure your brand messaging is what they’re saying in Europe and the US – you may have people traveling to other countries as well and your brand should be consistent.

5. You are in China. Make sure your brochures and info are in Chinese.

6. Make your booth comfortable – food, drinks, a place to hang out.


7. Watch your stuff.

8. What did you do with all those business cards? Hopefully they become part of your CRM system. Did you have a systematic way to identify the visitor’s interests?

9. Don't skimp on the booth design and placement.

10. Getting exhausted? Go back to the British pub and find some liquid courage.


7 Tips for B2B Marketing China

Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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