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China Marketing

Turn your leads into clients through multi-channel campaigns


You and your customers are in a type of relationship. Since the very beginning, you want them to differentiate you from hundreds of your competitors (brand visibility). And then, you attract them to fall in love with you (subscribe/sign up). Finally, you nurture the relationship until you are happily married (purchase).

While in real life, such a process could take years; when it comes to the customer lifecycle, marketers are looking to make everything happen within days or weeks. Therefore, the communication channel becomes essential in prospects/customer nurturing.

KOL—make yourself pop out

For international brands that are new to China, using a KOL is one of the most efficient ways to get your name out there, and find the right target audience. When the sticker camera App – FaceU first stepped into China, a social campaign on Weibo was rolled out. Influencers posted selfies and videos edited by FaceU, encouraging followers to download the App and share pictures together. In four days, the posts were viewed by more than 80 million users on Weibo, and FaceU successfully became one of the most downloaded Apps.


                                                               (Image from eshangke.com)

H5 campaign – make users fall in love

An H5 gives a brand the chance to interact with users. By creating games, animations or slide shows, you are able to engage your audience, and hence collect their contact information. RCCL, the well-known cruise trip company created an H5 game on WeChat. The game took the form of a slot machine, and users were able to win digital coupons. Each user had 2 chances to play the game. If someone won, he/she was required to fill in personal information in order to redeem the coupon. If the personal didn’t win anything in the first try, he/she could have a second chance by sharing the game with friends on Wechat (member-get-member). In this way, RCCL was able to create a social buzz and enlarge its database significantly.


Email – 1-to-1 communication to nurture purchasing

After getting contact information from your users, it’s time to bring the conversation to a personal level. Under Armour, an American sports apparel company pushed out an email campaign that enabled subscribers to personalize the message they receive. An email is triggered after someone signed up. In this email, the user is asked to choose a sport activity that he/she is most interested in. After that, the user will receive emails ONLY about that particular sport. By doing so, brands avoid bothering their customers by sending irrelevant content. And most importantly, personalized communication could boost customer engagement, and thus nurture purchasing.


Customers in China can be overwhelmed with marketing messages from all channels: email, SMS, Wechat, Weibo…Therefore, the key in nurturing the relationship with your audience is to send the right message, through the right channel, at the right time.


Guest Author bio:

Zhe (Haley) Gong, International Marketing Executive at Webpower, discovered her passion for digital marketing and online communication when she studied at the Johns Hopkins University in U.S. Now, Haley together with her team in Shanghai, strive to provide marketing automation solution to international companies wishing to reach and engage their audiences in China.

About Webpower

Webpower is a global provider of marketing automation solution. The company was founded in the Netherlands and entered the Chinese market in 2006. During the past decade, Webpower has proudly served thousands of companies in over 14 industries. The company strives to help clients achieve personal communication with Chinese consumers. Email, SMS and mobile marketing are integrated to create an intelligent and multichannel approach.


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