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Inaugural Brandigo Breakfast Session a Success

January 20th 2017 will be a day inscribed into history – the inaugural Brandigo Breakfast Session was held at our Shanghai headquarters.


As the world was preparing to see the 45th President of the United States sworn into office, we were brewing coffee and chomping on croissants, while listening to our guest speaker Jeff Lunz.

Jeff, Principal of the executive training company Encade Group, spoke to a handpicked audience of our clients and contacts about inspiring creativity within teams.

Using a three-stage model to describe where teams are at, and how to get them to progress, the presentation inspired a lively discussion about how best to manage teams.

Our guests, drawn from a range of industries and at a variety of management levels, spoke of their experiences managing and motivating teams, cultural differences and how to develop potential in employees.


People are what make an organization tick. It doesn’t matter where a company is based or what it does, employees are central to its success, and generating new ideas shouldn’t just be the responsibility of leadership. Everybody should feel they could contribute to the firm’s success.

Mike Golden, Managing Director of Brandigo, said of the event: “Breakfast Sessions are something we’ve been planning for a while, so it was great we got so many key clients on board for the first one. Creativity can be a challenge for a lot of managers, particularly here in China, which is why we asked Jeff to speak about this topic and give his insights.”



Would you like to join us for our next breakfast session? Drop us an email at hello@brandigo.com


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Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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