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B2B Marketing Class: Video Storytelling

Video is obviously one of the most important mediums used in marketing today – and B2B marketing is starting to follow in stride. Here in China it still seems to lag behind with the majority of companies focusing more on traditional corporate video formats. We’ve compiled a few tips and examples to help you get your head in the video storytelling space.


First: Why tell a story?

Stories give a visual face to your brand. They help people quickly understand the deeper meaning, excitement and thrill behind your complex products and services. Video stories are not “how-to” or “product features” – they are engaging, emotional, and fun – in other words they put a face, a story, to your brand.

Dust off your Antigone: The Greeks knew how to tell a good story.

Next: What are the key elements of good video storytelling?

  • People – think about casting actors or better yet – company employees
  • The Story – learn about traditional storytelling elements: narrative, plot, protagonist, antagonist, etc. Dust off your copy of Antigone from Theater Class and re-learn what the elements of classic storytelling are.
  • Cinematography – how will you film it? What type of overall feeling are you trying to achieve? It’s worth saying here that depending on your target audience, it is worth hiring professionals to help.
  • Music – music can inspire, scare, excite – choosing the right music is crucial
  • Subtle Branding – you don't always have to knock people over the head with the brand
  • Humanize the brand – make it engaging and personal
  • Simplify a complex subject – find the core essence of your brand

Some recent examples

DSM made a fantastic video showing their scientists not just as heroes, but as men and women who face incredible odds to break through with new discoveries.


This Pfizer tearjerker gives extra meaning to what they do – great for employee engagement as well.


Your next steps

What story could your company tell? How would you make it connect with your target audience? Drop us a line if you have a great example.


7 Tips for B2B Marketing China

Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons and ultimately a new website and presentation to create the new brand experiences."

- Max Mustermann

Director at GE Healthcare

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