Using the Latest Marketing Technology to Tell Your Story


Everyone loves a good story. As global marketers and brand strategists, it is a topic we cover frequently as we know creating an impactful brand story can take your B2B marketing to the next level. 


Marketing technology is also a topic close to our hearts. We love to be early adopters and demonstrate to our clients how the smart use of the latest marketing tech, such as the Brandigo Chatbot or Showpad can revolutionize B2B marketing campaigns and enhance their ROI.


Sales enablement technology is something we have been pioneering in the US and China and our North America President, Matt Bowen, has been speaking recently about how sales enablement tech solutions, like Showpad, are helping B2B brands build a better brand story.


Matt puts forward a compelling argument: the number one reason sales teams fail to meet their targets is because they don’t have the right tools to be able to articulate their product or organization’s unique value proposition. They aren’t effectively communicating their company’s brand story to the prospect.


So now imagine that your sales team are the best storytellers in the business. And that they have the ability to customize the story they are telling to each of your customers individually? By industry, customer group, pain point, or any other grouping.




Like all good stories, there is a hero (your customer) and they have a big challenge to overcome (their strategic goals, sales targets, etc). They need a guide to help them overcome this challenge (that’s you), and by working together they overcome all the odds, meet every challenge, and save the day before getting the girl and riding off into the sunset together (avoiding failure). That’s a fantastic story to be able to tell your customers right? Now imagine telling that story in full Technicolor, with a John Williams soundtrack and an Academy desperate to hand over the trophies come Oscar’s night! That is where sales enablement tools like Showpad  come in.


By giving your sales team all of your latest marketing collateral at their fingertips, you are giving them the tools they need to tell your brand story in a way that puts your customers right at the center (the hero) and shows them how you can guide them to overcome their challenge and achieve their goals.


You wouldn’t ask Michelangelo to paint your ceiling without his brushes. You aren’t going to send Jimi Hendrix up on stage to perform for you without his guitar. So as marketers, whether in B2B, healthcare or retail, you shouldn’t be sending your sales team out to meet your customers without giving them the best possible tools to tell your brand story.


Brandigo is an official Showpad partner.  If you would like to find out more about how Brandigo and Showpad can elevate your B2B marketing strategy and help your sales team smash their targets, get in touch!


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