Marketing to Millennials in 2017: 5 Key Tips

Posted by Steve Snyder

Oct 5, 2016 3:56:07 PM


Ugh, Millennials [insert exaggerated eye roll here]. As someone who has the pleasure of working with – and constantly learning from – a respectable group of ‘em, I can attest that they’re even more sick of the stats and generalizations heaped upon them than the rest of us are.

They’re considered the most analyzed, ranked and categorized generation in history. But the reality is, this group actually represents a highly varied group of people — from early adult types just getting established, to mid-thirties breadwinners. Some are married, some not. Some are parents and some are the caregivers of parents.

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Creativity and Office Distractions

Posted by David MacGregor

Mar 13, 2015 2:18:49 PM

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How to Really Create Brand Loyalty: Let’s Break it Down

Posted by Matt Bowen

Mar 3, 2015 12:13:00 PM

Editor's Note:  This blog was originally posted in February 2014 and has been updated.

Could there be a shinier brass ring than brand loyalty? Whether B2B or B2C, having a customer base that enthusiastically and consistently chooses your brand over other options is what separates star companies from the rest. 

Yet, when was the last time you saw “brand loyalty” on a list of corporate goals?

Increased revenues: of course
Increased profit margins: always
Increased market share: without a doubt 

Increased brand loyalty? Crickets


While most marketing folks will certainly claim brand loyalty is of utmost importance, turning that into tangible action is a different story.

Of course, some industries have long ago figured out that brand loyalty is critical. On the consumer front, loyalty cards, points, frequent flyer miles, etc., are all intended to create loyalty.

But do they?

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More Simple tips for improving your next video production

Posted by Brent Martino

Jun 24, 2014 2:27:00 PM

audioLet’s face it, producing high-quality video isn’t cheap or easy. Your best bet is to hire a company like Aloft Group (shameless self-promotion); we’ve spent years honing our storytelling, mastering technology, and keeping up with the all the latest tips, tricks and trends. While we would love to handle your next video project, we understand that sometimes you may not have the budget to pull off a big production, so you have little choice but to shoot and edit it yourself. If you have to go the DIY route there are a number of things you can do to improve your final product. In a previous blog post I talked about 5 Simple Tips for Better Video, which covered lighting, storytelling and more. In this post I’ll focus on using sound effects, music and color correction to improve and/or alter the mood and context of your video.

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We’re all project managers

Posted by Andrea Drown

Jun 19, 2014 2:14:37 PM

file0001030895959Whatever industry you are in often requires project management skills. It always sounds like such a simple thing, but it can be complex when there are multiple projects in the air. No matter what industry—a nurse with multiple patients, a landscaper with multiple clients and job sites, or a person in business, it’s often difficult to keep track of what you need to be doing on any given day.

A good project manager can juggle multiple projects simultaneously and usually has these top traits.

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This marketing strategy should be at the top of your shortlist. Start on it today.

Posted by Matt Bowen

Apr 16, 2014 9:46:00 PM

shutterstock_184054523-[Converted]I recently attended a London event staged by our client Decision Resources Group. The gathering was targeted to the biopharma industry and was informative, well presented and managed. I’m sure all who attended got a lot of value from the day, which, in turn, could have significant impact on their strategic planning for years to come.

It made me think about not only the power of knowledge, but who in a corporation holds it and how it is communicated and transferred.

While thought leadership has become the central calling card of many companies’ marketing strategy, how that gets translated into action is another thing. Lots of content, lots of blogs, and a lot of retweets of other people’s thoughts.

But what’s missing from it all?

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Your Primary Customers Might Not Be the Ones Writing the Checks

Posted by Matt Bowen

Mar 27, 2014 11:30:00 AM

whichPeopleIllustrationI’d like to first get something off my chest. For several years we’ve consulted with a multitude of companies that follow the principal of “internal customers.” Maybe your company does this too. The idea is that one department is the customer of another department. If a company has internal creative resources, for example, one of their “internal customers” might be HR.

I don’t know which consulting firm or business guru started this idea, but I think it’s total bunk.

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Ten Things to Consider Before Manufacturing in China

Posted by Chris Maynard

Feb 13, 2014 11:00:00 AM

chinaThe allure of cheaper costs leads many organizations to consider manufacturing their products in China, where labor costs can be significantly less expensive than here in the US. While the savings can be substantial, there are potential obstacles to consider.

Here are some of them:

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Three Strategies for Increasing Brand Value

Posted by Matt Bowen

Jan 28, 2014 10:30:00 AM

brand-valueTake this quick quiz. What is your company’s most valuable asset?

      A. Your property and buildings
      B. Your people
      C. Your technology or IP
      D. Your brand

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Healthcare Mimics Retail: How it impacts your brand strategy

Posted by David MacGregor

Jan 14, 2014 2:00:00 PM

shoppingcartIn recent years there has been a tremendous amount of change in healthcare. Surprisingly, the industry seems to have taken several of its new initiatives right out of the retail playbook. Such changes can impact your brand and consumer loyalty. Here are four examples:

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