Hubspot Inbound 2016: Pregame

Posted by Brent Martino

Oct 27, 2016 11:19:41 AM

P1150024.pngIt's time once again for my favorite fall pastime... Inbound! On November 8th-11th, I will be joining more than 14,000 other marketers in Boston for this year's Inbound 2016 conference, hosted by Hubspot. This is number four for me, and over the last several years I have watched Inbound grow from a decent sized event to the huge can't-miss event that it is. I have enjoyed the conference each time and I have witnessed the changes — both good and bad.

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How Inbound Marketing is Driving Leads for Healthcare

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Sep 7, 2016 4:47:27 PM


Hospitals and physician practices don’t often get praised for their marketing.

More often than not we use adjectives like “outdated” and “slow” to describe the marketing strategies they have in place. The healthcare industry in general is often sluggish to adopt new trends or be active on social media. So, it’s no wonder inbound marketing success stories within the industry are few and far between. (Or, that’s what a quick Google search would lead one to believe.)

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4 Ways to Get Your Inbound Marketing Blog Posts Noticed Fast

Posted by Brent Martino

Aug 7, 2014 4:31:45 PM

push-out-blog-postAt Aloft Group we love the concept of Inbound Marketing: publish amazing content, written specifically for your target audience, they find it, they love it, they love you, and they hire you. Properly done inbound marketing actually does work like this, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Creating amazing content is no simple task and getting out there in front of your target audience is even harder.

The first step in your inbound marketing funnel is awareness and there is no better tool for generating awareness than blogging, but it's not always a "build it and they will come" proposition. Most of the time your posts need a little push. Here are four ways you can get your posts in front of your target audience, fast.

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