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There is no doubt that telemedicine is changing healthcare by bringing skilled physicians into rural areas and giving patients more control over their health by enabling electronic communication via two-way video, email, smart phones, and other wireless technology. But, are patients willing to utilize these services?

While the industry remains one of the fastest growing sectors in the overall healthcare market, on track to grow from the reported $25.53 billion in 2015 to $57.92 billion by 2020, Brandigo’s exclusive Telemedicine Outlook Survey data for 2017 suggests that patient use is slow to catch up.

Brandigo’s State of Telemedicine Report is Brandigo’s 2018 assessment and forecast of telemedicine growth and demand, revealing exclusive survey data conducted this year. For more exclusive usage data, as well as analysis of third party surveys, and changing demographics and economic demands, download The Brandigo State of Telemedicine Report, Reassessed for 2018.

“Right now, more providers are adopting the technology than patients are choosing to use it. But once more individuals personally experience telehealth services, the industry will likely see the uptick of telehealth utilization,” says Matt Bowen, president of Brandigo North America. “The key will be for providers to make an increased effort to encourage and educate their patients.”

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