Is it time to rebrand your business?

If your answer is “YES”, it’s time to REBRAND.

We’re firm believers in the old saying, “don’t fix what’s not broken” so be sure you’ve thoroughly examined the state of your organization before you gather up the troops for a rebrand. Although it sounds like a very daunting process, these 5 steps below will ensure your success!

1. Identify

  • Develop your strategy and identify what changes need to be made in order to meet your business need. Are you merging or acquiring another company? Will you change your name entirely or just your identity? Do you need a whole new service offering to align with the rebrand? Walgreens, for example, removed their entire tobacco offering from their stores to align with their brand values.
  • Identify the key stakeholders within your organization and customers who should be a part of the process.

Learn how we helped one company create a whole new brand!

2. Collect

  • Consult with your stakeholders and include both your happy and not-so-happy customers, using whatever means necessary – face-to-face meetings, phone calls, online surveys, or even your blog to gather feedback.
  • Be clear about what you’d like to accomplish. Whether creating a new logo, tagline, mission statement, core purpose, or new products, your organization must ask themselves questions like, “What does this really mean?”, “Does this accurately reflect what we stand for?”, “Will these changes stay relevant?”, “Does it effectively communicate who we are?”.
3. Revitalize
  • Develop your story. The look and feel of the new brand should have meaning behind it. Your story should be one that your employees and customers alike can stand for and believe in. Your story can help you to create an ongoing and connected relationship with your clients.
4. Integrate
  • Make your strategy fluent. One of the most important outcomes of your organizations rebrand is employee clarity and understanding of the company’s mission, purpose and points of distinction. Strategy FluencyTM, as it’s referred to at Brandigo, is also an essential component in helping to increase employee engagement.
  • Now is also the time for your teams to rid themselves of those old, outdated marketing materials - you know you’ve seen copyright 2016 lingering around from time to time. It’s time to develop standards for your brand that ensure brand consistency across the organization. A checklist is a helpful way to get started here to ensure that all of the collaterals and instances of your brand, are updated and aligned to a timeline to promote the new brand launch.
5. Promote
  • Support and promote your new identity and keep it consistent.
  • Encourage each and every colleague to shout from the rooftops that their organization has taken the initiative to look in the mirror and make changes that will help the organization succeed.
  • Delight your employees and you will delight your customers.


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