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1. Become more active on Social Media.

Your customers and prospects spend an average of 118 minutes per day on social media. Shouldn’t you be spending a few hours each week posting content, engaging with your followers and building your brand awareness? It seems like the easiest thing to put at the bottom of your to-do list during a busy week, but if you don’t stay active on social media, your customers and prospects will take notice. Studies have shown that 71% of consumers rely on social media when making a buying decision

This means that your social presence better provide them with not only the information they need, but also give them a great customer experience. Make your brand known through your social channels, it’s FREE (well, almost) and takes minimal effort! So we think that this is a resolution that is probably one of the easiest to keep. More importantly, in 2017, if you don’t keep it, I can guarantee you it will be noticed.

2. Blog More and be consistent!

Want to increase website traffic? Be seen as thought leader in your industry? Or how about increasing your page rank? Your answer should most certainly be “YES!” to every one of these questions. Why? Increased website visitors mean increased opportunities to convert traffic into leads. I can hear all of your sales people now saying, “We need more leads!”

More importantly, as you increase leads, don’t you want to answer their questions and provide them with relevant content? Why not write a blog answering the very questions you hear from leads all the time? This will help you to become their go-to source for information. And better yet, I bet they’ll tell all their friends!

Bonus to blogging, it helps you to keep your first resolution of becoming more active on social media. A blog post gives you “…brand new original content for social media…” (Thank you, HubSpot!) An active presence on social media and increased web traffic also all lead to higher page rank by Google.

3. Recycle. Your content that is. 

Why recycle (or repurpose) content? Regardless of how many website visitors you get in a day or how high your page rank is, it’s likely there is someone out there that has not seen a particular piece of content before. Or maybe they have, but the format of the content wasn’t memorable for them. I personally am a visual learner, so content in the form of a video or infographic tends to stick with me better than a long, copy heavy eBook or whitepaper might. Reformatting your content will help you to reach a brand new audience with that already existing killer piece of content. You put a significant amount of effort and time into creating that content, don’t you want to make sure it’s been seen by everyone possible, especially if it’s performing well?

4. Test and Optimize, and test again.

Once you start blogging consistently, recycling your content and talking to all your followers on social media, shouldn’t you know what’s working? If it isn’t working, shouldn’t you be testing it and optimizing it? OF COURSE you should. You just put in a lot of hard work, make sure it’s paying off. Whether it’s your blog topics or the medium in which you’re delivering your content, make sure your website visitors are satisfied. A CMO I once worked with always said, “It’s ok to fail, just fail fast!” This means it’s ok to test different things, evaluate, and change them if they’re not working. It’s time for you to become more data driven!

Do you have any other New Year’s Resolutions you would add to this list? We would love to hear from you. Happy New Year!


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