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7_Tips_Facebook.png1. Embrace Facebook’s Branding Power.

Facebook, like other social platforms, allows you to customize your profile picture, cover photo, about section and provides a call to action button. The branding of your Facebook page should be consistent with your website and other social platforms. Your goal is that people will recognize your page by the branding, because this is something they are familiar with. For new audiences visiting your page, if they then find your website or twitter, they shouldn’t feel an entirely new experience. 

2. Get specific. 

Casting a wide net may give you more leads, but will those people be someone you can actually add to your potential new business list? Targeted audiences will always give you better quality leads. Facebook has significant targeting capabilities within the Facebook Ad Manager tool. You have the ability to target based on not only your customers’ or prospects; interests and specific behaviors, but also life events. Life events can include the addition of a new baby, the purchase of a home, or an engagement. If you can think of an important life event, it’s highly likely you can target based on that event. Get creative!

3. Humanize your brand.

More and more people are relying on brand advocates and referrals for their purchases and interests — ads aren’t necessarily going to bring in business like they once did. In order for you to connect with this audience you will need to build trust. To do this, you will have to humanize your brand presence. What does this mean? You need to give your brand a personality. Use this personality to interact and engage with your audience. Show them you care about what they’re experiencing when they interact with your brand online. By doing this, you are helping to create brand advocates — people who will recommend or refer your brand to their friends and peers. Nothing builds trust better than word-of-mouth recommendations!

4. Give paid promotion a try.

Facebook is great for so many things, including advertising. Often when marketers thing of paid promotion they think of how expensive it can be. However, Facebook advertising is pretty affordable. If you have a high performing post you should absolutely put $20 towards it and boost that post to your targeted audience that you created earlier, or create a new target audience! It doesn’t take much on Facebook to sponsor high performing content. Make sure to add the Facebook Tracking Pixel to your website as well. This will allow you to target anyone visiting your website!

5. Master Paid Promotion.

So you tried boosting a post? What’s next on the list? Give ads with CTAs a try. Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor are pretty dominant in the world of social advertising. Certain ad types allow you to place a CTA right in the ad, allowing people to experience your CTA without ever leaving their personal Facebook page, therefore your chances of converting are already that much higher. Less interruptions generally leads to higher conversions. Whether you want them to watch a video, shop now or download something, Facebook provides these. Check out the rest of the CTA button options you have with Facebook Ads Manager here!

6. Embrace video. 

In today’s digital world, almost everyone has an iphone or android phone. Because of this, video has become an integral part of most marketing campaigns from brands with a presence on social, especially consumer brands. Your audience doesn’t expect perfection when you post short video clips or “go live” on the channel. They’ll appreciate the rawness of the video shot with your iphone, as it humanizes your brand. Don’t be afraid to add to your Facebook story or “go live” on Facebook at an event when you’re revealing a new and exciting product. Need help getting started? Check out this blog on HubSpot.

7. Continue to re-evaluate your Facebook strategy.

Ok, so now that you’ve done all the above and then some, your strategy could still use some tweaking. The best digital marketing managers never leave their social strategies alone. Social media can change overnight, make sure you’re staying up-to-date as best you can with those changes and continue to optimize your Facebook page and overall social media strategy.


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