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Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

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Mar 22, 2017 2:04:01 PM

If you’re an avid user of LinkedIn, you have likely noticed by now the recent update this popular social media platform has undergone. As a millennial, the UI update is welcomed. I often thought the look and feel of the platform was clunky and extremely outdated, sometimes even confusing. The desktop version of LinkedIn is now more tightly aligned with the UI of the app and mobile version — a good move, considering 58% of unique monthly visitors are accessing the platform from a mobile device. However, the new UI is similar to more than just the app. Take a look at the comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn, as described in WIRED's recent article.LinkedinFB.gifAlthough alarmingly similar, this might be a good move for the now Microsoft-owned company. Millennials are now entering the workforce, and it’s assumed that this group who grew up with Facebook and log in everyday, know how to use it. The change encourages these users to do the same with LinkedIn.

Here are a few highlights from the update:

  1. New Menu Bar. Rejoice! LinkedIn has joined the rest of the world and is using icons in the menu bar.


  1. Trending Stories. The new algorithm and human editors should help to improve your feed, displaying the stories, articles and updates that you will find to be most useful based on your past behavior. You can also unfollow and hide posts that appear in your feed (reminding you of Facebook’s behavior algorithm).
  1. Real-time Messaging Feature. You no longer have to leave your feed or someone’s profile in order to send a message. The new real-time messaging feature allows for fewer interruptions.


However, along with the good, there is always some bad. Here are a few major changes that I have gathered that have had some negative backlash.  

  1. Who’s sharing your post is unknown. Previously, LinkedIn would notify you on who exactly was sharing your posts, allowing you to continue the discussion or thank them for their engagement.
  2. It’s Slow. There have been numerous complaints in my network recently by users concerned with how slow the platform has become since the redesign. We’re hoping this is only temporary, otherwise people will be less likely to visit the platform.
  3. Advanced search has changed. A lot of the search functionality available to free users has been removed, and is now only available to those who pay a subscription service.

I’m sure there is more to add to list of good and bad improvements since the launch earlier this year. There are likely to be additional changes and tweaks as the designers obtain more user feedback in the coming months. I’m actually surprised by how little has been said, both positive and negative, about the complete overhaul of the platform. Though it’s likely that some users have not noticed, especially if they don’t visit the desktop version very frequently.

For those that log in everyday, what are you seeing? How about those who are running ads or hosting business pages? Has there been a significant change you have experienced? From a page admin’s perspective, I no longer can see the updates or notifications from the pages I manage unless I am in the page manager. I found it convenient that I was able to view all notifications, both personal and business in one notification section. 

Let us know your thoughts!



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