Let’s go to work, Gracie

Posted by David MacGregor

Dec 17, 2013 10:07:00 AM

Gracie-1This is Gracie. And this is the “don’t leave me at home” look she often gives me when I’m getting ready to head to work. Since I’m a complete pushover, she regularly accompanies me to the Aloft Group offices. Once there, because she is a creature of habit, her routine is almost always the same.

As the car turns into the parking lot, Gracie jumps to the window with anticipation, barely able to contain herself until I open the door. She bounds from the car, immediately surveying the ground under our large maple tree to see if the squirrels that regularly taunt her are lurking about. Heading inside, she excitedly runs through the building to see who’s around, warmly greeting the women, tentatively greeting the men (she’s a bit leery of the guys, though she’s getting used to them).

Gracie-2aThen it’s straight to my office in the creative department where, after a quick breakfast, she settles onto her “throne,” a comfortable old Newburyport theater lobby chair she’s claimed as her own. Lunchtime brings a walk on the nearby bike trail, after which she sometimes (if the weather permits) stays outside on the front porch watching the cars go by and greeting visitors, always on high squirrel alert.

Gracie-3Usually about mid-afternoon, she’ll bark to come in and insist on getting up on my desk, where she’ll nap the remainder of the day away. Then it’s “Let’s go home and see Mom, Gracie” and she’s off, as excited to get into the car as she was to get out.

Gracie’s enthusiasm for Aloft Group is interesting when you consider that she hates going to my wife’s office, where even scraps from the restaurant’s kitchen can’t keep her from whining to leave all day. Maybe she’s got brand strategy in her blood. Maybe she likes the hustle and bustle of agency life versus the quiet of an accountant’s office in an Irish restaurant.

Or maybe it’s just the people here at Aloft, who seem to have become attached to her and regularly come by to visit. Just one more thing that, as even Gracie seems to understand, makes this such a great place to work.

Topics: Agency Life