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Google+ is not the first social media platform we recommend to clients. It’s also certainly not the first place prospects go to for information or content. BUT, that does not mean you should give up so easily on the 6-year-old social platform. Sure, you might not be creating communities or circles, but you can easily post content to Google+ using many of the social media scheduling tools available to you, tools like HubSpot, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite. So why should you be using it? Below are our top three reasons!

1. Optimize your business for local searches.


Have you ever “googled” a business? If you say no to that question, you’re lying. The information in Google+ is what customers see when they use Google Maps or Google Search, so keeping this information up-to-date is important. Creating a localized Google+ Business page for your brand is vitally important to small businesses. Ranking factors on local search results are quite different than everyday organic search. Google ranks businesses with Google+ pages before those without them. If you have reviews, even better. So if you’re a company that does business locally, create your page now!

2. Get a boost with your SEO.

Struggling to rank on Google search? Have great content to share that just isn’t receiving the visibility you want it to get or that it deserves? Good news. With a Google+ page for your business, anything and everything you share on there is immediately indexed by Google, regardless if it ranks on your website or not. It’s free. Who doesn’t want to increase their potential website/content traffic for free? Create your page, connect it to your Buffer, Sprout or whatever social tool you’re using, and start scheduling those posts.

3. Increase overall brand awareness.

Although it’s difficult to understand what the monthly active users are, it’s another social platform that provides you increased visibility of your brand. Maybe your target audience is part of that diehard fan base? If you connect your page to your social publishing tools, it’s easy to get content out to that platform. For very little time and zero money, you instantly increase the potential people seeing your content or visiting your website. No one is going to say no to free brand awareness and potential leads.

Google is not letting their social platform die. They released a complete redesign in late 2015 and the fact that they look to Google+ pages first for content ranking and local search results pushes people to use them. No one is trying to say that it will take over Facebook or Twitter —let’s not compare apples and oranges — but that doesn’t mean you should push them to the side. Take a few minutes and set up your page and start publishing content, especially if you depend on local search results or have a YouTube channel. There is certainly no harm in giving it a go.


Ok, your website traffic is up.

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