Last Thursday, the Collins English Dictionary named their Word of the Year for 2017: Fake News.

Apt then that Mike, Matt and myself were travelling to Paris from our respective corners of the globe for In Fake We Trust: Communicating in the Post-Truth era.

As part of the E3 Network, Brandigo employees have regular opportunities to meet up with peers from around the world to discuss industry trends and compare and share best practices and insights.

In Fake We Trust was hosted by E3’s two Paris agencies, Preferendum and bb&b, who guided us round that glorious City of Light and facilitated thought provoking presentations and workshop sessions.

Sara Thornton and Clémence Folléa from Paris Diderot University gave an academic perspective on the evolution of fake news, starting in Plato’s Cave and taking us right up to present day attempts by marketers to distort audience perceptions and emotions with their messaging.

We heard from Michel Georges, Brand and Communications Director of Michelin’s Food and Travel division. Under his purview comes communication about the celebrated Michelin guide. Michel shared a recent crisis communication case study, which saw the Michelin take back control of the narrative when the brand was perceived to be under attack in the media.


The two-day program also provided chances to take part in (often highly amusing!!) group session activities with our E3 friends, who come from agencies in cities as diverse as Tel Aviv and Tokyo, Gothenburg and Prague. Completing tasks with different people, who bring different perspectives from what one would normally hear, is one of the great benefits of E3 membership.

Newcomers to the group also had their chance to discuss their work, and see who they could enjoy possible collaboration with going forward.

And there was, in true E3 tradition, plenty of chances for more informal networking, with the Parisian hosts organizing mouthwatering lunches and dinners, crowned with a gala evening of cocktail making and cookery to formally end the conference.

In Fake We Trusted, and had a Real good time!


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