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Over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time with a disabled and blind, formerly homeless, 80-year-old man named Frank. Being in the branding business, I began to wonder how Frank would recognize and/or associate with different brands. He wouldn’t be able to see the vibrant colors of a logo or the uniqueness and creativity of a logo’s elements, so how could he identify a brand?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but what if you can’t see it?

Hearing is one of the first and most important senses we develop as humans and like imagery, sound can be a differentiator for your product, service or result. Sounds carry meaning and can create preference, build trust and ultimately, increase your ROI. Today’s consumers aren’t buying products; they’re buying brands. Brands need to reinforce a “positive attitude” and by tapping into your customer’s other senses, you’re triggering their memories. However you want your brand to be perceived, sounds can set the mood and context for your brand.

Far from the old-school jingles that supported words instead of the brand, sounds have the capability to create an entire language based on vision, values, promise and personality. Have you ever watched a horror movie without the sound? Was it still scary? Whether it’s the iconic Apple start-up sound, a familiar song as someone’s ringtone, or even the sound of your car locking — sounds evoke emotion and your brand should consider multiple digital platforms. Cognitive studies have also shown that applicable sounds and musical cues can truly influence people and their actions.

Here’s a cool tool for testing your own emotional connections towards sounds.

How could sounds set your brand apart from the rest?

  • Make use of video.
  • Consider all aspects of your apps.
    • You could use sound through your app when it opens or when you want your audience to receive a notification. Skype is a good example of a simple sound associated with an app.
  • Implement sound into your product.
    • To this day, when someone hears “You’ve Got Mail”, they immediately associate that phrase with AOL. These sounds should brief and pleasing to the ear.

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