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Today you are looking at a brand-new company. A company that is based on a new way of thinking about business growth. A company that has, combined, over 30 years of brand strategy and marketing communications experience behind it, but is as fresh as if it were day one.

AdsmithChina and Aloft Group have merged to create a new brand and a new ideal. One that is built on the way brands need to operate to be successful in the future. And we couldn’t be more excited. 

Hello Brandigo!

Brandigo offers a smarter and more effective approach to business performance and growth using brand as the driver. By inspiring the courage to be authentic, we build distinct brands that are far from ordinary — challenging the status quo to make a real impact. As a result, Brandigo clients scale faster and more efficiently.

Our work starts with companies upstream — at the point of differentiating their business and their models, all of which makes our downstream marketing much more effective. Smarter brands lead to smarter marketing and faster growth.

Brandigo, as a concept, started over coffee in a café in Shanghai 18 months ago. We were discussing the future of brand and marketing in the U.S. and China, and what an unprecedented time it was to build upon the successes of our mutual companies and create an organization that was designed to lead for the next 20 years. It has never been more vital for not only marketing — but the entire organization — to make their brand their most important asset.

And that’s what we’ve been up to these past months, building a forward-looking firm, based on the convergence of data-based insights and analytics, creativity, business acumen, innovation, and proprietary tools and technology that tie all the pieces together in a way no other company has.

And what better place to do this than in the world’s two largest economies?

For Western companies, China still represents an enormous opportunity for growth. Much of the market growth to date in China has focused on consumer products. However, as China’s middle class and domestic business economy continues to grow, new and unprecedented opportunities exist for B2B technology companies to help build out the well-rounded market that China is quickly becoming. Conversely, Chinese brands, either by merger or acquisition or market expansion, are moving into the West in a way we’ve never seen. Brandigo focuses on brands in both directions.

Back in the U.S., we will continue to expand our deep expertise in the dynamic health technology and merger and acquisition markets, while building upon our new approach to make it even more dynamic.

From a bigger picture, our “industry” is rapidly evolving.

So why the change? Tradition would have placed Brandigo in the advertising industry. But that is the past and the business world now operates in a much more fluid and gray space. From one perspective, large management consultancies are moving downstream closer to traditional agency models and offerings. From the other perspective, advertising agencies and networks are attempting to migrate upstream to take a more strategic advisory position. But there are different motivators coming from either side. For the consultancies, the primary driver is digital, particularly wanting to position themselves as the drivers for “digital transformation.” Agencies, however, are doing it more defensively, trying to gain a seat at the C-suite table and not be overly exposed to increasingly commoditized or undervalued agency tactical offerings.

But for us, we’re not trying to migrate in either direction; we’ve authentically been in that sweet spot for years. Now we can expand upon that deep knowledge and expertise in innovative ways and create our own “industry,” our own space that’s not dictated by the way that business has operated for the last 75 years.

To all our fantastic clients, we can’t wait to continue to work with you and grow your businesses in the U.S. and China in ways you probably never imagined. And to everyone else, Brandigo can’t wait to meet you.


Matt Bowen                                                   Mike Golden

President, Brandigo/US                                President, Brandigo/China


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