Brand Alignment Taco BellAdvertising Age has named Taco Bell its “Marketer of the Year.” What set this Mexican food chain apart? Its ability to understand its brand and its customers.

After years of declining sales and false accusations that the meat they were offering wasn'’t actually beef, Taco Bell took a hard look within and evaluated what it needed to change. The result of this introspection was the realization that the offbeat humor in the ads the company was running were actually diluting the brand. So they took it back and created a new campaign designed to realign their branding. No longer would Taco Bell be the butt of the joke! Rather, it would be repositioned as an experience. A lifestyle. 

Nowhere was this new “experience” more evident than in the new “Doritos Taco” commercials, where the brand was closely linked to its cult-like fan base. The new ads showed consumer excitement and devotion to this new creation, and helped Taco Bell shake its previous image. Taco Bell was now a whole experience, and tacos weren'’t simply something you ate. They were something important enough to be shared on social media, something to talk about, something to enjoy with friends. This new campaign helped it become a brand that was about more than just food.

The effort consisted mostly of television advertisements, combined with a significant emphasis on social media. Taco Bell understood that its main consumer base is young males; understanding this demographic and where they could best be reached was key to their rebranding plan. The chain also branched out from the traditional social media sites and utilized options such as Vine and Snapchat. With new social media avenues constantly arriving on the scene, Taco Bell understood the need to utilize the same mediums its audience was using to help fans feel a stronger connection to the brand, offering them sneak peeks at  upcoming products. 

The organization also understood that it couldn'’t rely on such a narrow demographic forever, so it expanded its menu offerings to meet the needs of other buyers. The Cantina line, with its loftier prices and higher quality ingredients, is an attempt to attract women and an older demographic. Additionally, a revamp of its dollar menu makes more items available at a low cost for the chain’s budget-conscious crowd.

All these changes have resulted in a second year of growth for Taco Bell, and it all stemmed from understanding their target markets and strengthening their brand message. Proving that when all is said and done, the strength of your brand truly is the driving force behind your sales.

It may seem like a daunting task to reevaluate and realign your brand, but here at Aloft Group it’s what we live for. To explore all of our capabilities and how we can help you grow your brand, reach out to us today. We'’re always up for a good branding challenge. 


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