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Posted by Steve Snyder

Apr 19, 2017 3:50:58 PM

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Earlier this year in his blog recapping 2016 as the Year of Live Streaming, my colleague Brent Martino noted that we’re just starting to round the corner toward increased immersion into a “360-degree world” through continued advancements in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). As our physical existence collides with the digital technologies meant to enhance it, we marketers need to pay close attention to how this will impact the new ways people will soon experience the world around them – not just as consumers but applied across every aspect of our daily lives.

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2017 Super Bowl Ads – And the Winner Is…

Posted by Steve Snyder

Feb 2, 2017 10:14:01 AM

2017-super-bowl.jpgYes, it’s that time again! The annual all-American hoorahfest we call the Super Bowl. That Holy Grail of all things advertising – broadcast, specifically. Oh, and football of course. There is, after all, the actual game to consider, right? And, as New Englanders, you can bet we’re pretty excited to get our #12 on despite what Roger and the rest of the country thinks of him.

But back to the game that really matters to us marketers here: the Super Bowl ad competition. When all is said and done, much of the Monday morning quarterbacking will be dedicated to determining which brand got the biggest bang for their buck. And at upwards of $5 million for a thirty second spot, there’s a lot riding on the investment.

So who will the winners and losers be? And how many times have you remembered the ad, but not the brand it represented?

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2016 – The Year in Branding

Posted by Steve Snyder

Dec 22, 2016 10:44:44 AM


As 2016 finally staggers to a close (and none too soon, some might say), I thought I’d survey a few of my colleagues to get a sense of which brands they thought had the greatest impact – good or bad – over the course of the past year. Read on to see if any of their answers surprise you and please feel free to share your own two cents!…

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Marketing to Millennials in 2017: 5 Key Tips

Posted by Steve Snyder

Oct 5, 2016 3:56:07 PM


Ugh, Millennials [insert exaggerated eye roll here]. As someone who has the pleasure of working with – and constantly learning from – a respectable group of ‘em, I can attest that they’re even more sick of the stats and generalizations heaped upon them than the rest of us are.

They’re considered the most analyzed, ranked and categorized generation in history. But the reality is, this group actually represents a highly varied group of people — from early adult types just getting established, to mid-thirties breadwinners. Some are married, some not. Some are parents and some are the caregivers of parents.

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Healthcare IT: Cure-all or Digital "Snake Oil"

Posted by Steve Snyder

Jul 21, 2016 2:31:27 PM


 Last month, my colleague Meaghan Sheehan wrote about the accelerated growth of Fitbit, a well-known, fitness-focused example of a wearable device leveraging the power of data and applying it to the broader category of HealthIT. At about the same time, the CEO of the American Medical Association, Dr. James Madara, caused a hot-minute kerfuffle with his remarks at their annual meeting in Chicago when he seemed to equate the myriad of digital healthcare tools to the “snake oil” cure-alls that were hawked around the turn of the last century.

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Content Controversy: Lessons from Lands’ End

Posted by Steve Snyder

Mar 24, 2016 2:58:43 PM

Lands-end.jpgEvery now and then (well let’s be honest, it’s pretty often actually), another iconic brand steps spectacularly into it and presents us with the opportunity to opine on the do’s and don’ts associated with brand loyalty. You know, that highly coveted characteristic where you’ve converted costly, desirable prospects into returning, tried-and-true customers whose only requirement is that you steadfastly delight them with your brand experiences.

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Das Scandal: Rebuilding VW's Brand Equity

Posted by Steve Snyder

Oct 1, 2015 9:06:46 AM

Volkswagen's Brand Equity Plummits Wooooosshhhh. That crescendo you’ve been hearing is the air deflating from Volkswagen’s formerly bouncy and beloved little tires, or brand if you will. Like Lindsay Lohan’s performance in a bad Herbie the Love Bug remake, the iconic brand – not to mention it’s stock value – has tanked virtually overnight, leaving more than 75 years of brand equity in the wreckage. The damage to the brand’s value as a corporate asset? Virtually incalculable.

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