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Rebrand Your Business? 10 signs it’s time.

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Apr 11, 2017 2:43:11 PM

Anatomy of a Rebrand Twitter Fn (1).png

1. There has been a merger or acquisition.

It’s not uncommon for several companies to become one. The single thing that unites those businesses is a new brand — something that encompasses each company and brings the uniqueness of those companies to the forefront. Your rebrand should make clients of each organization feel welcome and comforted by the change. 

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Branding

LinkedIn Gets a Facelift

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Mar 22, 2017 2:04:01 PM

If you’re an avid user of LinkedIn, you have likely noticed by now the recent update this popular social media platform has undergone. As a millennial, the UI update is welcomed. I often thought the look and feel of the platform was clunky and extremely outdated, sometimes even confusing. The desktop version of LinkedIn is now more tightly aligned with the UI of the app and mobile version — a good move, considering 58% of unique monthly visitors are accessing the platform from a mobile device. However, the new UI is similar to more than just the app. Take a look at the comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn, as described in WIRED's recent article.LinkedinFB.gifAlthough alarmingly similar, this might be a good move for the now Microsoft-owned company. Millennials are now entering the workforce, and it’s assumed that this group who grew up with Facebook and log in everyday, know how to use it. The change encourages these users to do the same with LinkedIn.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Brand and Marketing team

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Jan 10, 2017 12:26:18 PM


1. Become more active on Social Media.

Your customers and prospects spend an average of 118 minutes per day on social media. Shouldn’t you be spending a few hours each week posting content, engaging with your followers and building your brand awareness? It seems like the easiest thing to put at the bottom of your to-do list during a busy week, but if you don’t stay active on social media, your customers and prospects will take notice. Studies have shown that 71% of consumers rely on social media when making a buying decision

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5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Nov 29, 2016 4:41:17 PM


Social Media Marketing has more trends and fads than most of us can keep up with. As a digital marketer, as soon as you learn one trend it quickly burns out. This then immediately causes you to drastically switch directions, come up with a new marketing tactic, learn it, program it, and once again you’re faced with a new set of rules. It’s hard to predict what will come next because most of what will be the new “Google Glass” for 2017 is still on the drawing board. However, there are a few things on the horizon that we need embrace right now, because all signs point to their domination of social media in 2017.

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How Inbound Marketing is Driving Leads for Healthcare

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Sep 7, 2016 4:47:27 PM


Hospitals and physician practices don’t often get praised for their marketing.

More often than not we use adjectives like “outdated” and “slow” to describe the marketing strategies they have in place. The healthcare industry in general is often sluggish to adopt new trends or be active on social media. So, it’s no wonder inbound marketing success stories within the industry are few and far between. (Or, that’s what a quick Google search would lead one to believe.)

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Topics: Healthcare, Inbound Marketing, inbound

FitBit- Why the Brand is Poised to Take on Telemedicine

Posted by Meaghan Sheehan

Jun 15, 2016 5:09:05 PM


There has been a lot of buzz recently around FitBits.

Do they accurately track your heart rate or calories? Do they encourage users to be more active? Will they be able to provide improved monitoring of certain health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes? Regardless of your personal stance on FitBits, one thing is for sure — they’re making significant strides to become the leading wearable device for the world of telemedicine. 
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Topics: Healthcare, Branding, Brand reputation