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Do you understand your customers’ journey through your website? Understanding how your customers and prospects arrive on your website and where they navigate to from there is vital to increasing your digital conversions. There is no point in creating great content if your website visitors aren’t finding it or seeing it.

What follows are five quick and easy ways to help improve your customers’ and prospects’ digital experiences from the moment they land on your homepage or social platform.

1. Improve your buyer personas. 

Putting in the work to create buyer personas is an absolute must. But, “Marketing Mary’s” persona isn’t enough to create a user type. You need to focus on information regarding the types of devices they are using to visit your website, how they browse information, and more importantly how they make purchases — is it online, over the phone, etc. This will help you to determine how to best guide the user to the path you want them to take on your website (i.e. conversion). Take full advantage of this data and improve their journey in any way you can. There are a variety of tools and endless data points to help with this.

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2. Keep the design simple.

After recently going through a rebrand ourselves, we struggled to balance creativity and usability. As a creative brand agency, we wanted to showcase our personality a bit through our design on our website. The only problem with that is if your site is too creative, your prospects will become confused and unsure of what steps you want them to take on your website. You must make the path VERY clear. If your content is hard to find or your copy is difficult to understand, you’re not helping to improve your business.

3. Make sure your website works!

Does your website load in a timely manner? Is it responsive? (Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised how many sites aren’t!) There are numerous aspects of a website that make it a success, but Hubspot helps you to check in on a few. Their website grader helps to test the following:

  1. Performance
  2. Mobile readiness
  3. SEO
  4. Security

Want to grade your website? Check out the tool here. First impressions mean just as much digitally as they do in person. Make sure you make a lasting impression that’s positive for your customers and prospects — not one that they remember because they had a negative experience.

4. Personalize your site as much as possible. 

Personalizing your content for your website visitors will drastically improve their digital experience with your brand. Not all of your personas are interested in the same content, especially if you specialize in a variety of industries. Tailoring the full digital experience they have from the very beginning will drastically impact your sales funnel. This could mean having specific images related to their industry on the homepage, or content offers that are specific to their needs. When current opportunities are stuck in the middle of the sales cycle, often one highly specified piece of content could take them to the finish line. You should personalize your content for not only new visitors but also current or potential clients!

5. Ensure a seamless digital experience across all platforms.  

Have you ever visited a brand’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page and then gone to their website and become completely confused because the look, feel, and messages are so drastically different? We all have. It’s vital to your customers’ and prospects’ digital experiences that they feel like there is a seamless transition from one place to another. If they see you on Instagram and then move to your ecommerce site, they should feel no changes in the branding or messaging. Often times, companies forget to update certain aspects of their business and leave old messaging or branding on other digital platforms. Make sure to update your entire digital presence.

These are just five easy tips you can start implementing right away. Do you have any digital tips of your own that you always follow or ask that your clients follow? Have you had a bad digital experience with a well-known brand that just left a bad impression? Share it with us.

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