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Happy New Year!

Like everyone here at Brandigo, you are probably back into the swing of things for the new year, excited for the opportunities and challenges that will come our way in 2020 and for the rest of this fledgling decade. We’ve already got some exciting projects coming into effect in the next few weeks and months, but we aren’t going to give any surprises away just yet, watch this space!

We always find the start of a new era is also worthy of a celebration and the opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights of times past so here are some of Brandigo’s biggest moments of 2019.

Best of British F&B on the Menu in China

Food is GREAT

2019 saw Brandigo get its B2B teeth into a delicious campaign for UK food and drink in China. The Food is GREAT initiative, co-developed by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, aims at showcasing the best of Britain’s F&B offering to China. Brandigo’s Shanghai team partnered with both Government departments and global PR and marketing teams to deliver a localized, multi-channel campaign that really tantalized Chinese taste buds.

The award-winning program included messaging development, creative social media content, PR, KOL/influencer engagement and industry association outreach, as well as offline activations and events including the “The Great British Gin Garden”, more of which later.

 Packaging with Purpose

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How does a global company operating in 31 countries align a new purpose statement with its global brand? DS Smith, a provider of packaging and recycling services, partnered with Brandigo to do just that. We helped DS Smith update their overall brand messaging and visual identity as they were launching their new corporate purpose campaign to their over 31,000 employees. DS Smith’s purpose statement articulates how the world of packaging, consumerism and corporate responsibility is evolving and how DS Smith desires to be a leader in driving significant and meaningful change—while still helping global brands move their business initiatives forward. 

With the new purpose statement of “Redesigning Packaging for a Changing World,” Brandigo, in conjunction with our E3 partner BBC, visually developed what we call the “D Icon Window,” which metaphorically represents seeing the changing world around us from a different perspective. To communicate this brand strategy company-wide, Brandigo designed an employer-brand focused communications campaign in 20 languages to excite and re-energize employees on the company’s view of their future direction. Additionally, we created new externally facing brand visuals and messaging as part of a new global 215-page Brand and Identity Guidelines.

Research Underpins a Healthy Brand

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To differentiate their brand and create a new, simplified story linked to a clear vision, GE Healthcare partnered with Brandigo to develop a new brand story focused on the emerging world of Precision Health and apply that story to their Life Sciences division. Brandigo planned an implemented an extensive brand strategy research process which gathered input from GE stakeholders across the organization globally, as well as GE Healthcare Life Sciences customers in North America, China, and Europe.  Additionally, we conducted a competitive brand positioning audit to ensure the positioning would be unique and meaningful. The insights gained from this research helped inform the development of GE Healthcare Life Sciences new brand positioning and narrative.

GE Healthcare’s role in the life sciences is highly complex. Our objective was to create a simplified story that clearly communicated their unique positioning, and which could be told in a unified way around the world. To do this, Brandigo created a range of story-telling assets that included video, supporting client stories, graphics and icons, and ultimately a new website and presentation to depict the new brand experiences. When Danaher Corporation acquired the Life Sciences division from GE Healthcare, Brandigo was commissioned to develop the newly evolved brand positioning, vision and purpose messaging for the new company post-GE, resulting in a Vision-Purpose Brand Matrix used by all marketing and sales.

Costco Comes to China


When global retailer Costco turned to the Brandigo team to create a buzz around the launch of their first bricks and mortar store in China, we didn’t expect the global attention the campaign received and the impact it had on Costco’s value.

We launched Costco’s WeChat platform to drive brand awareness and pre-opening Membership Card sales and by opening day there were already 250,000 WeChat followers. In addition, Brandigo deployed KOL/Influencer and social media campaigns based on creative content and key messages focusing on quality and special offers. The results speak for themselves:

  • Costco stock price shot up on the day of the opening by 5%.
  • 90 journalists attended the pre-opening press conference, and over 1,500 guests attended the opening VIP Party.
  • Social media KOL/influencer activity attracted over 700,000 views.
  • International media, including CNN and BBC, reported the opening. All major media in China reported the opening. Media impressions estimated to be off the charts in the hundreds of millions.

Getting to the Heart of Effective Sales Enablement

Doctors are extremely busy people. So when your sales team is responsible for selling the benefits of your product, including demonstrating third-party scientific evidence to specialist cardiologists, who only have a few minutes while walking down a bustling hospital hallway, you need to make sure they have the right tools on hand every time.

This is the challenge that Zoll, a leading medical device manufacturer, approached the Brandigo team with. They wanted to create a new, simple interface that would enable their sales team to easily and immediately get to the most relevant piece of evidence based on a conversation flow chart. The platform had to be flexible to allow team members in the field to quickly customize the presentation based on the amount of time they have with the physician, and support and encourage deeper conversations on the spot and via sharing.

Our solution was to show the entire body of evidence—in this case over a dozen medical journal articles that had been published over the years—and make them instantly accessible in both a conversational summarized format as well as the full article. We wanted to instill confidence in the physician that there was significant proof of the efficacy of the product, even if they would not actually read the journal articles.

The home screen was created as a clean, clinical, simple timeline, and at the bottom of the screen articles and papers were grouped together based on specific pain points. So, as the rep was walking and talking, he/she could quickly bring up the articles that would address the prospect’s concerns and then send them the full papers.

A Rewarding Year

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The stories above highlight some of the varied and successful B2B campaigns and projects the Brandigo team enjoyed in 2019. And just to top everything off, we were delighted to pick up two internationally recognized awards last year, illustrating the quality of the hard work all the team had put in. We picked up a Silver Best of International Award from the E3 marketing agency network, as well as a bronze Transform Asia award, both for our work on the UK Government’s Food is GREAT campaign and the Great British Gin Garden Activation. Well done to the entire Brandigo team.

Here's to 2020

So, while 2019 was an amazing year for the Brandigo journey and that of our clients, we know 2020 will be even better. Keep an eye out for my news from us and if you have a great story to tell about your brand and your plans for an amazing global brand strategy or marketing campaign to help you maximize your China business, we’d love to hear it.

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