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1. There has been a merger or acquisition.

It’s not uncommon for several companies to become one. The single thing that unites those businesses is a new brand — something that encompasses each company and brings the uniqueness of those companies to the forefront. Your rebrand should make clients of each organization feel welcome and comforted by the change. 

2. You’re audience demographic is changing.

With a new audience, the evolution of your current brand is crucial. In order to appeal to a new market, what you offer might stay the same, but how you offer it needs to change. Is your brand relatable to this new group?


3. You CRINGE when you look at your website.

Or worse, your clients are. We’ve all been there. Your website was cool when you did it 10 years ago, but now things have completely changed. Best practices you might have followed back then are no longer relevant.

4. You look like everyone else in your industry.

You’re no longer able to point out key differentiators from your competitors. Do you offer a unique value to your potential prospects and current clients? Are those distinctions easy to see in your current brand? If the answer is no, it’s time to reposition your brand. 

5. Your organization’s overall mission has changed.

Businesses grow and change all the time, sometimes adapting to their environment (new technologies or major trends), so your mission should adapt as well. This will help keep your audience informed of your goals and help to align your employees internally.


6. You’re uninspired by your brand.

If you’re uninspired by your brand, can you imagine what your customers and prospects feel? Let’s not even go there. REBRAND. Step back, re-evaluate and find your muse once again.

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7. The market perceives your brand differently than you do.

Just because you see your brand as one thing, doesn’t mean your customers do. It’s absolutely crucial to acknowledge when there is a major disconnect. When you do, you can create a new path, hopefully leading to further growth and success. Recognize what has made you successful and invest in it, even if it’s 180 degrees from what you initially set out to do. Your customers are what keep you in business.

8. You never completed your branding project from way back when.

Do you have everything you need to define your brand? Or do you simply only have a logo? What about a color palette? A mission? Maybe you started this whole process before and just never finished. It’s time to finish it or even start over. A fresh start might not be the worst thing. It’s time to dive back in!

9. You’ve become outdated.

There will always be trends. We’re not saying you should rebrand EVERYTIME there is something trendy. But if you’re no longer part of the conversation because you have refused to update your brand, you may soon find yourself out of business.


 10. You want to separate yourself from a PR nightmare.

We all know those companies that have been associated with an absolute PR nightmare; their customers have left them and chosen a competitor. If your brand image is hurting, and recovery is not in sight, a rebrand might be the best bet.


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