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The era of the corporate video is long gone. If you’re still thinking that to tell your company’s story, you need a Z-list celebrity extolling the virtues of your product to some carefully selected ‘customers’, then let me be the first to remind you we are halfway through the second decade of the 21st Century!


Here in China, you see people watching video on their mobile phones all the time. It doesn’t have to be long; in fact, the shorter the better, and it’s not just for the B2C marketers.

Marketing managers in B2B companies are people too – they spend time online, or get through their crazy, crowded commute by retreating into their phones. If you want to meet someone, go to where they hang out – the same applies as much online as it does in the big, wide, real world.

Many B2B companies use short videos demonstrating their products or processes in a bid to show their customers what they are about.

Maybe 30 seconds on the factory floor as a car windshield is stuck into place, or a timelapse video of a huge container ship being unloaded as the sun sets in Shanghai? WeChat, or Weibo, are perfect social media platforms to place that content too.

Talk to your B2B clients, and get to know their industry. They will be sitting on a goldmine of B2B video content, all of which you can deploy over the internet and get people talking about the brand. When people talk, when they’ve heard about what the company does, they’re more likely to engage and eventually become customers.

7 Tips for B2B Marketing China

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7 Tips for B2B Marketing China